Abel and Charles’s Birthday Wishes

Posted on March 14, 2024
Category: Special Occasions
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Help grant two kids wishes for their birthday!
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Abel is turning 11 in April and Charles is turning 10 in May.  We’d love to be able to take them and do something nice for him, somewhere “cool”.   They would love to do something like Boondocks, an arcade like Main Event or Dave & Buster’s with bowling and/or laser tag, etc.   Charles has expressed multiple times that he  still loves the idea of Chucky Cheese’s.

However, with four kids and not being on the “better  side” of the economy, it is very difficult to go to these places and do these things for  them.  Will you help us create the ability to take Abel and Charles, their siblings, and possibly a friend or two,  to one of these awesome places?  It would mean the world to them that it happened – they have both begged for it for years.  It would be even more awesome if we did it separately instead of a combined birthday.  That way they have their independence about it still.

For context on why the goal is set where it is:  the last time we went to Main Event, it was almost $300 and that did not include  bowling or laser tag – that was just the arcade and lunch for the six of us.

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