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Posted on March 17, 2024
Category: Club/Team Sports
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Create Memories and Train Athletes To-Be
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Three of our four kids have expressed interest in sports. We’d love to put them in the sports they’d want to be in.

Abel, almost 11, wants to start playing soccer, basketball and ice hockey.

Charles, almost 10, wants to play soccer and do wrestling. I think he may also be interested in gymnastics.

Mickinzi wants to do ballet, gymnastics, soccer, t-ball, wrestling, football, dance, cheer………all of them.

What sucks is through community programs, it still costs $80+ per kid, per month. With our situation, we either don’t qualify for enough help to make a dent in the expense for one kid (let alone all), or on paper we make too much (yet still can’t afford it).

Will you hero these three beautiful kids start playing team-sports? 🙂

Our oldest is into performing arts. So he’s doing that through his school.

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