Send My Parents On Vacation!

Posted on March 20, 2024
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My parents deserve a vacation this fall.
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Ever since the beginning of 2020, my family has been through the wringer. First, my pregnancy became high risk very early on. Second, my mom’s brother was violently murdered by his “boyfriend”, on my sweet grandmother’s birthday. Then the pandemic started. And it just kept going: I and my baby almost died more than once during pregnancy,5 weeks after pregnancy I ended up on life support for a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism (and couldn’t see my baby because of hospital policy during Covid), I was homebound on oxygen for 8.5 months after the MBPE, my aunt died, my great grandmother died, two cousins died, and eventually my sweet gramma died abruptly too.

Most people that we begin telling about the last few years, are amazed that we’re coping – let alone “well” – and say we all need a break. I’d love nothing more than to send my parents for a nice break this fall. They used to love road trips and camping, so I’d like to find a way to send them somewhere this fall to do what they used to love. Will you help me send them somewhere for a MUCH needed break? 🙂 They deserve it more than any of us, and I’d love to surprise them with it at the end of summer.

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