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Help my Mom's cat! Please!!
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This is Tom.  He is my mother’s cat and is a very, very sweet boy and my mother’s constant companion. Tom is a little cross-eyed and was the last of his litter to find a home.  My mother thought he was perfect and adopted him and his scrawny little self home.  My mother is an extremely giving person and volunteers at her church and offers free baby sitting on Friday and Saturday evenings for young couples with children so that they may have the opportunity to go out and enjoy some private time.

Tom is in need of a teeth cleaning.  The veterinarian says if he doesn’t get his teeth cleaned it will lead to all sorts of health problems.  My mom doesn’t have the money.  I’ve saved $250.00 but still need $200.00 more.  My mother is sooooo worried she will lose her best friend.  She just keeps praying.

I’m trying to raise a bit of money to help Tom get his dentistry.  My mother is a wonderful person and has always been a “giver”.  We don’t have much but.. “We can always give a little or give of ourselves so others with less can have a bit more”, has always been her philosophy.

If you can help just a little, it will be appreciated very much!!  Thank you very much!!  Sincerely,  Jill



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