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Posted on March 17, 2024
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I’ve lost over 135lbs, and now nothing fits!
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Last May, I had bariatric surgery. I’ve battled all kinds of health issues for many years, but nothing ever really helped me lose weight and keep it off. This time, I’ve lost more than 135 pounds and am still losing. I’m currently less than 30lbs away from my goal weight!

That said, now nothing fits. So I need a new wardrobe. Or at least new to me.  I know I have a little bit yet because all of the skin is still tightening back up. But I still can’t wear 4XL sizes anymore!!

Will you help me obtain a new wardrobe? It certainly would mean the world to me! I can promise I pay it forward. I make sure my clothes either go to ladies I know who need them, or to women’s shelters. I just wasn’t expecting it to actually work so well for me that I’d lose this much weight this quickly!

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