Yes! It can take only a few minutes to get started.
Yes, you can start a fund for anyone that you like. As long as it is a legitimate need.

There are several ways this can be handled. The two easiest ways are:

If you plan to handle the funds – You will setup a Stripe account and a bank account to have the money withdrawn to. Then you will give the money to them directly.

If you want to start collecting donations, but not handle the money – You can allow donations for the campaign to roll in without connecting a Stripe account, and send a Beneficiary email to the recipient of the funds. If they accept, they will take over administration of the campaign and can connect their own Stripe Account and bank to initiate withdrawal of the funds.

Once a donation is made, funds are deposited into your Stripe account right away and are automatically distributed daily to your bank account as long as your Stripe account is properly connected.

You have two options; you can contact us and we can disconnect the current Stripe account. Or you can go to Stripe and transfer your Stripe account to another owner. Please check Stripe’s documentation for this method.

There are certain fees charged by the credit card and a small fee taken from the donation received. It is considerably less than what GoFundMe charges, which they like to call tipping. You can see the current fees here.

You don’t pay anything for having a campaign. Any charges are small fees paid through the donations by your wonderful supporters.
There is no time restriction. You can run a campaign as long or as short as you want. We may alert you if a campaign is over 90 days without activity to determine if you want to keep it going or not.

We are constantly monitoring, as well as, the pro-activeness from our members. Please see our Fraud page for additional information. We also incorporate secure encryption for transactions to happen safely. You can check out our Security page for additional information.

Touch, LLC./ Touch Fundraising only allows fundraising campaigns in the United States at this time.

Touch Fundraising is not supported in the following US territories.

• American Samao

• Guam

• North Mariana Islands

• Puerto Rico

• U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. dollar is the only currency accepted by Touch, LLC./ Touch Fundraising at this time.

No, Touch Fundraising does not accept funds from outside the U.S. No “cross-border” donations.

Standards for starting a Touch Fundraising campaign.

• US Social Security Number.

• A US mailing address from one of the 50 states.

• A US bank account in your name.

• A US driver’s license or passport.

(Image must be in color.)

• Must be at least 18 years of age.

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