The majority of the people in this world are good and loving people. However, unfortunately, we do occasionally come across others that try and take advantage of the goodness of others. The Touch Company does not tolerate any fraudulent activity, at any level.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact us at once. Please include the Touch Fund website address and/or the exact name of the Touch campaign.

The Touch Company takes all of these claims very seriously. However, we will not pursue any claim without specific information to support your concerns about a Touch Fund Campaign.

Once we have received this information, our team will contact the fundraiser promptly to learn more and ultimately make a decision as to whether or not the Touch Fund Campaign is legitimate.

So that all are aware of what is not considered fraud. Please review the following.

  • A Touch Fund campaign’s photo or video may change * The Touch Fund’s beneficiary’s name may have changed.
  • There are several people that have started a Touch Fund for the same issue. Whether it be someone’s birthday or someone’s home tragically burnt to the ground. ..etc. One should not be alarmed if you see multiple people fundraising for the same cause.
  • A rumor about fraud. 
  • Custodial or family disputes or disagreements.
  • Speculation about fraud.

The Touch Company is constantly reviewing Touch Fund campaigns to assure the best Touch Company experience.


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