Education Causes

Tuition and Fees – Books and Supplies – Computer/Tablet – Personal Expense –  Transportation – Preschool – Charter Schools – Alternative Learning – Trade Schools – Drop Out Prevention –  Continued Education – Online Education

Not sure how to cover education costs?

Education provides a meaningful difference in our lives and those of our children.  Education is the ultimate gift, and a very powerful tool. It is often the basis for what type of life one will live. It is a way to enhance your career, differentiate  yourself from others and earn promotions.  Education betters you, your family and society. It is not easy. Nothing so worthwhile ever is!

A Touch Fund is a great way, whether it be for preschool, tutors for high school, or college degree!

Keep the momentum moving in the right direction. Start a Touch Fund for your child or yourself or someone that is dear to you!

Free Set Up! Very Easy! Secure! 

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