The IMPORTANCE and POWER of sharing your Touch Fundraising Campaign


You have started a Touch Fundraising® campaign.  Now it is time to share your campaign.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT part of getting your Touch Fundraising® campaign seen.  How you share your campaign will determine how successful your campaign is and how much money your Touch Fundraising® campaign will earn!                    

Share! Share! Share!

Most people have a Facebook® account and use their Facebook® page and photo to begin their Touch Fundraising campaign. They then, post their campaign to their Facebook® page.  This is GREAT!!

Remember to make you Touch Fundraising® campaign a “Public” post.  By making your post “Public”, people other than just your friends and family will be able to see your Touch Fundraising® campaign and share it!

Make sure the photo you use, is a nice photo of yourself or one that represents – “The family that had just experienced a tragedy.”,  “The dog you are trying to save.”, or “The young man that works two jobs, cares for his mother, and still finds time to help others, who is in desperate need of a new computer so that he may continue with his college education.” —

Whatever need your Touch Fundraising® campaign was created for.

It is a good idea to add a “Comment” under your Facebook® post. People appreciate your gratitude!

Example;  “Thank you for viewing my campaign!  Please share it!  It would be much appreciated!”

People are more inclined to hit the “Share” button when one is grateful for their effort.

Posting photos and updates are an ABSOLUTE MUST!  Keep your Facebook® post of your Touch Fundraising® campaign moving and alive!  

You want to get your Touch Fundraising® campaign SEEN BY AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

Share! Share! Share!

Touch LLC. –  Touch Fundraising® has NO access to your Facebook contacts. Your Facebook contacts will never be contacted by the Touch Company for any advertising or promotional purposes.


We all know how powerful Facebook® is!  However, your personal email contacts are your very most valuable way to communicate your Touch Fundraising® campaign. These are the people that know you! They are family, best friends, business associates and closest acquaintances.  They know your personality and what matter most to you! Invite them to help you and your cause.  

When sending out your emails, explain to your family and friends why this “family in desperate need” or “animal in crisis” has touched your heart and why you’ve chosen to help them by starting a Touch Fundraising® campaign and that you are asking them to consider helping as well.

When you finish sending your personalized emails or more of a form email to all of your email contacts, IT IS ESSENTIAL that update emails are sent to them every few days, to keep your contacts informed and interested.   


“Hey, everyone!  We’re HALF way to covering the cost of Ralph’s essential heartworm treatment.  I have 14 more hours to cover the cost, or Ralph will not be taken by an animal rescue group, because his medical costs are too high!  Ralph is only 2 years old!  He deserves a better life with a new family that will love him!  Please!  Help me share his need!  Thank you!”

“Wow! We only need $400.00 more to get Tom that much needed bike!  Could you help me out by spreading the word? I would really appreciate it!” 

These email updates keep your Touch Fundraising campaign moving and your family, friends and co-workers involved.  

The more photos that you can include throughout your Touch Fundraising® campaign, the BETTER!  Your family and friends can actually see the family in desperate need, the beautiful young animal that will be put to death if funds cannot be raised, your friend that needs a new bike so that he can get between jobs to stay in school and bring groceries to his elderly mother!  — whatever,  the need is —  PHOTOS WILL BE VERY BENEFICIAL in helping you meet and surpass your Touch Fundraising® campaign goal!

Thank your donors! Thank your donors!  Thank your donors!

Share! Share! Share!

Touch LLC. –  Touch Fundraising® has NO access to your private email contacts. Your private contacts will never be contacted by the Touch Company for promotional or advertising purposes.


Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

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Twitter® is a very effective way to communicate. There is a limited amount of space to get your message out, so there is really no choice but to make your message short and sweet.  Get right to the point!


“Join me!  This is Cheeto. He is going to die tomorrow if I cannot raise the funds for his dentistry.  He will not be rescued/adopted without it.  I cannot let that happen. I have started a Touch Fundraising® campaign. (provide link)  PLEASE help me raise the necessary $600.00.  Cheeto does not want to die. I have 16 hours to raise the money!  Thank you!!”

Add photos! This personalizes your Touch Fundraising® campaign Tweet and they will ABSOLUTELY will make a difference in achieving or surpassing your goal!! 

Keep your audience’s attention by engaging their senses and compassion.  UPDATED tweets are necessary and appreciated. The hearts of the  people that are following your posts, have been touched and they will want to know if Cheeto was saved!  Or if the family that lost their home to a fire are going to have shelter and much needed supplies.  Whatever your Touch Fundraising® campaign is about — keep it current!  And always thank those that have donated!

Thank your donors! Thank your donors!  Thank your donors!

Touch LLC. –  Touch Fundraising® has NO access to your Twitter® contacts. They will never be contacted by the Touch Company for and advertising or promotional purposes.

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