How It Works

It is an easy four step process.

Register |  Create a Campaign  | Connect Account | SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Step 1: Register

Registration is easy. Fill in a username and password or use your Facebook login to get started. Click here to register.

Step 2: Create a Campaign

Start a Touch Fund. Input the details about your need or cause. Add a picture and/or video. Click here to begin. 

Step 3: Connect Account

Link your Stripe Account with a couple clicks of a button and you are set to start receiving your funds. Click here to connect.


Broadcast it out to your friends and family.

Our platform is:

  • Free to setup
  • Simple to use.
  • Receive funds quickly.
  • No platform fee.
  • No deadlines or time limits.
  • No goal requirements.
24/7 Customer Service
Your campaign will stay active until you choose to stop receiving donations or stop/cancel your campaign entirely. No penalties for missing or surpassing goal.
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