Give A Woman A Break

Posted on March 17, 2024
Category: Hardships
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A close friend of mine just can’t catch a break in life.
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A very dear friend of mine has found out she needs a full hysterectomy. But she also lost her health insurance plan a few weeks later. She’s makes too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but doesn’t make enough to pay for health insurance through her employer.

She is a survivor of domestic violence, raising two beautiful children (both under 10), trying her hardest to not live off of any community assistance, yet becoming desperate for this life-changing surgery she needs.

My goal is to raise about $8,000 for her. This should allow her around six nine weeks to three months of typical expenses, even if she didn’t have a paycheck to offset anything. That will allow her boyfriend to remain at his current job (and that pay for food, fuel, additional needs) and tend to the kids’ schedule while allowing the time for her to heal without more worry or stress.

I’m happy to provide the names of those involved, if you absolutely must know. But it of respect for her privacy (and the fact that her ex-husband is not a good human and this just ain’t his business), I won’t publish her name here.

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